SMS LOC to MyWebGrocer 


The MWG Export Queries the SMS SQL Database

The The Results are re-formatted into a pipe delimited file



MWG Screen Shot
MWG Screen Shot 

Running Script

The Script can be scheduled to Auto run automatically, you should see the screen above while the script is running.  The Left Side of the screen is how many Items are flagged in SMS to be exported, and the Right side is how many items have been exported to the Pipe Delimitated file.  The Export process filters out any non-numeric UPC’s and places them in a REJECT[DATE].TXT file.  An email will be sent when the process is complete that includes this file.

Manually Running the Script

  • An Icon can be placed on the desk to so you can manually run the script if needed, it is called MWG.EXE


Once the file has been converted it will be sent to MyWebGrocer Automatically through an FTP process.  The FTP process has no validation or error checking, but the email you receive after the process has ran will be your notification of completion.  Re-running the process is the only way to re-send, at this time.