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4 Things to look for when buying a Security System

Frame Rate - A Good DVR Systems will do 30fps per camera and is proportional to the number of cameras.  For a 16 Camera system you need a frame rate of 480fps Live and recorded for smooth motion, any less and you will start to get a jumpy picture & loss valuable evidence.

Expandability - a Security system is a major investment, being able to expand the unit instead of having to replace it should be a major consideration. Most Stand alone units are not expandable & are expensive to repair, but are cheap.

Hardware - a DVR is just a computer built to record video, as you know with buying a PC you need to look at all the components to do a true compare, even the operating system makes a difference.  Storage should be primary.

Cameras - Name is not enough, Sony is a good name but just like a car there are big differences.  How do you know what makes a good Camera with all the choices; is it black & white or color, 200-800 line resolution, IR day/night, and weatherproof.

Think of a 35mm camera, the lens and focal length make a big difference when taking a picture the same goes for CCTV and that is why no one camera fits all locations.  A bad camera selection can make the best DVR look bad.  If this happens will your vendor exchange a camera and/or lenses to make the view work for you?

Business Class DVR 

Proven 8,16,24CH Professional Systems

  • Records in MPEG4 & H.264 Compression
  • Image quality: 9-bits ADCs super high quality
  • Video total frame rate: 200 fps in PAL, 240 fps in NTSC. 
  • Display resolution: 640 X 480, 352 X 288, 320 X 240
  • Recording resolution: 6 40X 480, 352 X 288, 320 X 240
  • Compression ratio: 8-150M/H/C
  • PTZ controls (w/ optional RS232/RS485 Adapter)
  • Email user photo when motion is detected on a camera
  • Motion detection
  • 1,4,9,16,24, or 32 split screen monitoring (Max is based on channels available)
  • Search by Day, Date and Time down to the second.
  • Adjustable frame rate per camera
  • Save Video in encrypted format
  • Hide cameras from being monitored while still recording
  • Instantaneous picture retrieval by a graphical time line
  • Automatic notification of remote site upon server event, (Motion, sensor)
  • Multi level user password protection and permissions
  • Color Brightness and Contrasts controls
  • Manual Back-up to CD, DVD, USB, or NAS
  • Support frame capture and frame printing
  • Simultaneous playback while recording


Remote Viewing Software for our




If you are unable to install the control Panel from the web site, you can download it here.

ActiveX Software






DVP Viewer



D1 Class DVR

8,16,24CH Professional Systems
  • 1) Camera input: 8 channels
  • 2) Image quality: 10bits ADCs super high quality
  • 3) Image compression: H.264 optimized
  • 4) Video total frame rate: 200 fps in PAL, 240 fps in NTSC.
  • 5) Display resolution: D1 704 X 576, 352 X 288
  • 6) Recording resolution: D1 704X 576, 352 X 288
  • 7) Compression ratio: 8-150M/H/C
  • 8) Network protocol: TCP/ UDP
  • 9) Operating System: Windows XP /VISTA 32 bit
  • 10) Adopting High quality Conexant 10bit Chipset, this card can get a good image quality. Low cost, high quality, stable system.
  • 11)Motion detection function, it can send email with image when it detect motion. Sound alarm function.

Remote Viewing Software for our




If you are unable to install the control Panel from the web site, you can download it here.


ActiveX Software



DVP Viewer


3 or 5 Megapixel Compact H.264

IP Mega Video Camera




8 & 20 Megapixel H.264 Day/Night 180 or 360

Panoramic IP cameras


Sample Video

Residential DVR

Online demo:
User Name: admin
No Password



480TVL Color Dome Camera, Hybrid Base (Dome & Bullet), Wall/Ceiling Mount, 3-Axis Bracket, Easy Installation, 1/3 inch Sony Super HAD CCD, 2.8~12mm Vari-focal Lens, Dual Voltage DC 12V/AC 24V, Heavy Duty Vandal Proof, Weather Proof, Indoor/Outdoor, Metallic Gray or White

Weather Proof Bullet Camera 1/4 Inch Sony Color CCD 420 TV Lines 3.6mm Flat Lens

36 IR LED Color Dome Camera, 1/3 Sony High Resolution CCD, 480 TV Lines, 2.8~10mm Vari-focal Lens, Vandal Proof, 98FT IR Range, Indoor/Outdoor, 3-Axis, Metallic Grey

Dome Camera , 1/3 Inch SONY Super HAD Color CCD, 480 TV Line, 3.6mm Fixed Lens, 0.5 Lux / F1.2, AWB, BLC, AGC

24 IR Camera 75FT 480 TVL 3.6mm Fixed Lens 1/3 inch Sony Super HAD Interline Transfer Color CCD, Day & Night, Weather Proof, Black or Silver

Vari-focal Indoor Color Dome Camera, 480 TV Lines, 1/3 inch Sony Super HAD CCD, 2.8~10mm Varifocal Manual Iris Lens, Built-in 3-Axis Bracket, Plastic Case

48 pcs LED 150FT Long Range IR Camera, 480 TV Line, 1/3 Sony Super HAD CCD, 2.8~12mm Varifocal Lens, Day & Night, 12VDC/24VAC Dual Voltage, IP65 Weather-proof, 3-Aix Cable Concealment Bracket, Beige or Black


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